Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Who are you choosing

So you would rather believe in Obama, who has done nothing in the Senate except exploit his celebrity, than vote for someone who has had experience in government? Where do you think Obama will find a collilition of the willing to help him pass whatever legislation he suggests? He hasn't proven to me that he has produced anything in the past, how can I trust that he can in the future?

Does Obama have any Congressional friends who "owe" him a favor or does he have any "connections" he can use to make things happen? Come to think of it, can you tell me any ONE suggestion he has made to "repair" the damage done by this current administration? What programs has he proposed? What plans has he devised to stimulate the economy? Is he going to bring jobs and industry back to the United States? Is he going to make the rich accountable and stop huge profiteering? If so HOW?

I have yet to hear anything concrete about policy making from his camp. Have you heard anything or are you just going with the "he gives us hope for a better day?"

I'd really like to know if the only reason you won't consider Hillary is that you don't like her on a personal level. Lots of people "LIKED" George W. Bush because he was a nice guy, and look what that has brought us to now.

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