Tuesday, April 29, 2008

don't start

If you want an argument give me something to complain about and you’ll get one. Bush is always something that will make me flare up.

I have never been a political animal, until the current idiot in chief ran for office. It isn’t him that makes me mad as much as it’s the sheep who vote, and believe a kind smile and a bit of “good old boy” stumbling is enough to offset a total lack of economic sense.

Did you know that George W. Bush has NEVER successfully run a business? He has either destroyed it, or run it into bankruptcy – including the Houston Oilers. If he couldn’t even manage to turn a profit from a sports team what the hell qualifies him to run our country? And people accepted the smile and thought isn’t he just the nicest man and they voted for his press package.

Did you know that Bush controls his own publicity and arranges /stages events? Nothing is left to chance. He, like Hitler, will not tolerate nay-sayers. And look how popular that made Hitler after all these years.

Did you know that this new “tax stimulus” package is borrowed money? We are in debt (to the Chinese, Japanese, Saudi’s and India) We are now the LARGEST debtor nation in the world. That means we don’t’ make enough money to pay our own way.

And what does “W” do? He give us back our money, that is actually money being taken from our grandchildren’s pockets because they will be the ones paying back this loan, at a huge interest. He borrows more money so we can all “feel good” about ourselves by buying “pretty things”. Pretty things? When bread is over $2 a loaf? When milk is $5 a gallon, when gas is approaching $5 a gallon and when even RICE has doubled in price? We are being told to spend money on nice pretty things. How friggin’ stupid is that when we can’t even meet basic needs anymore?

Working with St. Vincent de Paul I can tell you that we are getting more and more calls every day from people who are being evicted from homes they rented that are being foreclosed. Are there shelters for them? No. Are they government programs to feed the children and aging? Yes, but the funding has all been cut and the money that used to be a safety net is now going to the war.

I don’t care how many flag pins he wears, or how he talks about us being the “greatest” nation – living on a past glory that no longer exists – he is the worst president I have seen in my lifetime.

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