Tuesday, April 29, 2008

learning to be poor

Get used to it.

Live like your poor now. You'll be better prepared for times when they get worse.

Food, you have some, so eat it. Don't look at it and say "I don't feel like this today."

Here's a hint. If someone cooked dinner for you, shut your mouth and keep your comments to yourself even if it's not what you "feel like" eating. Eat what was made for you. Meatloaf, Fish, Dark meat chicken is better for you anyhow than a Filet of Fish sandwich, bacon cheeseburger and chicken nuggets. Eat veggies, the are filling. Have a slice of bread with dinner. It's also filling, expecially if it's whole wheat bread.

Breakfast? Get used to cereal without fruit. Get used to toast not bagles. You want an egg McMuffin, buy a pack of english muffins and toast one at a time. Scramble an egg, place it on the muffin and add a slice of cheese. Need meat? Not really, the egg is protein enough.

Lunch? Get used to brown bagging it. Sandwiches, lunchmeat, bb and j, or even just cheese. Don't buy coffee use the free tea or coffee from the break room. Fresh fruit and maybe chips or crackers that you bring from home.

Stop complaining what you do not have and learn to be greatful for what you do.

In the end you'll be happier for it.

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