Monday, April 07, 2008

schools and prisons

Prisons were designed in a specific way so that the a few controllers, corrections officers, could keep track of a large number of inmates. The concept was adapted to schools eventually, so that one teacher could "control" students by observing them.

Unfortunately that is not the only similarity between schools and prisons. Currently the largest similarity is that if a child fails at school he is more likely to land in prison.

One would think that would be reason enough for our government to make sure schools are bettter funded and that our students get the help they need to stay in school and graduate.

However, one would be wrong.

They have seen and identified the probelm, butr screwed up the solution. Instead of spending tax dollars makeing sure that students are better educated they would rather fund the building and maintenance of more and stronger prisons to house illeterate criminals.

What does that tell you about our legislators? To me it means that not all of the uneducated are in jails, some are in government.

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