Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Democracy sucks

I personally think Obama is a sham. I believe he will change nothing, he will “tweak” his message and end up being as status quo as anyone else because he will do what suits his purposes not institute change if it does not benefit him. At least Hillary didn’t try to convince the people that she would “change”.

I am disillusioned by the so called Democratic Process because I have found out things about the Democratic party and how it is run.

The delegates for each state are elected, not selected, did you know that? Why not? Because they never tell the normal run of the mill registered Democrat who is eligible to vote, who is running and when the “election” is. So unless you are an insider and make a point of learning about these things you have no voice. So from the get go we normal run of the mill registered party members have no clue who is organizing what efforts on behalf of whomever is running. All we eventually hear is the “X, Y or Z is running as a Democrat”.

As much as the “party” tells us we have the right to chose who is running I have found out that the choice is made long in advance FOR us behind closed doors by “represenatives” and “Delegates” and voters are manipulated into thinking the choice was theirs.

Howard Dean and the credentials and rules committee are not governed by any “election rules.” Each party makes up the rules they feel like following and they “self govern” so no one is a watchdog over the party. The Democratic Party is as exclusive as the Elks, Moose, or any other Lodge of good old boys who get to run things any way they feel like it and they do. Remember the last Democratic National Convention? Don’t tell me that Obama wasn’t being “displayed” for the public to see what they would be electing in 2008.

There are no constitutional guarantees that we have the “right to vote” except in the Presidential election, so up until that point in time all the rules are set by and enforced by the party. Who makes up the rules and makes the decisions. What they call Democracy is a lie, and we fall for it.

So Obama kept his mouth shut about the “party” decision because he wouldn’t muddy the waters and upset the system that the Democratic Party set up. He opted for the status quo because it helped his cause.

I have no respect for someone like that. He, in his “status quo” state of mind, disenfranchised many thousands of Democrats in this state, and many of us are not likely to forget it.

Unfortunately I have no choice but to vote for him or endure a Bush clone in the White House.

Notice I do not think he is man of good character and I don’t care what his enthicity, color or religion are.I think he plays us all for fools to get what he wants.

They are all the same.
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