Friday, June 06, 2008

Tanking democracy back

I have decided to mount a campaign to write in Hilliary Clinton.


Because she did receive the majority of the popular vote, however the configuration of the Democratic Party and the Rules committee have come to show me that it's not the people who pick a candidate anymore, it's the party. And the party created super delegates to insure that their candidate is the chosen one.

It's as if they are running with the same ideas as socialist/communists. It doesn't matter to them who runs, they already know who is winning - the "party" candidate.

Well I don't like it, and I am not going to buy into it.

So, I figure if all who actually voted for Hilliary Clinton, write in her name as President and Obama as VP then the party gets the message that they are NOT the people.

Anyone else out there willing to do the same?

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