Saturday, August 30, 2008

Palin is no Clinton

Do the Republicans think women who wanted Hilliary are so stupid that they will vote for a woman, any woman?

I just hope women are stong enough to THINK on their own and vote what THEY want, not what their husband wants. I hope women see Palin for what she is - a spoiler.

My husband seems to think the Palin choice was good for McCain. I think it was good for Obama.

I can't wait to see Palin open her mouth and say something. I want someone to really quiz her on her experience or lack thereof.

I want to know if she has ever traveled extensively in the USA, or is she "totally Alaska locked" in her knowledge of what America wants. I want to know how she can understand the wants and needs of the rust belt voter. Does she understand the people in Maine? Florida? Mississippi? New Jersey? Tennessee? If not, what the heck makes her think she's qualified to run the country if she has no experience of it?

I want to know if she knows what a single mom with a Downs Syndrome woman needs. I want to know what she understands about alternate energy. Or is she so pro oil that that's all she knows? I want to know what she knows about international relations and economics. What about foreigh trade? What about deficiet spending? What about budgets (and I don't mean the cost of jello in the supermarket.) What about terrorism? What are her thoughts on a pull out of Iraq?

I want to know how many natural disasters she's had to handle. How will she handle the inbalance in the health care system? What are her views, but more importantly what is her experience?

I wanted Hilliary over Obama, but I want Obama over McCain. Now more than ever. God help us if McCain wins and dies. If you think W was bad, imagine someone even less qualified running our country.

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