Sunday, August 31, 2008

voting pro life

I have a question for those who vote pro life, or those running on a pro life platform.

If you want me to vote for a candidate to save an unborn child from being aborted I have to know what else you do.

Do you are you candidate support legislation to aid unwed mothers? To educate them? To educate the child as it grows? Do you provide legislation and funds to provide subsidized housing for women who have children and no homes?

Do you vote for legislation to feed the child and mother? Do you vote for aid to dependent children? Do you vote to extend child care programs? Do you vote for legislation to provide medical care for the mother and child? Do you vote for or enact legislation to help hanidcaped children? Do you vote to have fathers who fail to support their children held accountable for the economic welfare of that child?

Or do you just say "abortion is bad" and then leave the reality of raising that child to the woman alone without support?

Are you going to parade about saying you dont' beleive in the murder of innocent children, and then vote to send innocent young men to fight a war?

How have you personally helped a woman to avoid abortion? Have yo paid for pre-natal or post-nalal medical expences if not, why not? Have you bought clothes for a young mother who can't afford them? Have you bought diapers or food for a young motner who did not abort her child? Would you adopt an "unwanted" child? Why not? Is it too expensive for YOU to raise a child? If so then why isnt' it too expensive for the woman who caried and delivered the child?

Are you going to tell me that you are voting according to your Christian moral principles and then deny the basics of daily life because they cost too much?

Put your money where your mouth is if you want me to vote pro life show me you ARE pro life and don't just show me lip service.

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