Thursday, October 09, 2008

Let's be serious

I see conspiracy here,there and everywhere.

The Republicans dont't want big government, so they put a woman on the ticket who supports her state's secession from the Union? The Country of Alaska would then control the oil within their borders and the lower 48 (plus Hawaii) would be at the mercy of yet another foreign power?

The banks may be taken over by the Fed as part of the bailout? So is this the begining of a national banking system in America?

We dont' have enough money to pay our debt now, and yet we are pledging $700 billion to stop a financial meltdown? Banks are solvent? If so, why is the Fed taking over?

Forclosures, slow retail sales, unemployment and bank failures and still it's not a "depression?" The world markets are crashing because we are, and yet no one in America beleives it's a depression?

Have we so dummied down the average citizen that they can't decide anything for thmselves and take the word of Fox news analysts that we are in a bit of trouble but we are still the "greatest nation" in the world?

How absolutely stupid can the American people be?

Eight years ago I told people that "W" has ruined or bankrupted EVERY business he was ever in and everyone laughed.

Eight years later - and we are bankrupt.

So, who is laughing?

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