Monday, November 03, 2008

McCain = Socialism

John McCain is desperate, he had a rally on campus last night at 12:30 a.m. Mostly to get the Hispanics to vote for him, which is a waste since they already support him.

Why? Because they think all Democrats are Socialists. In Coral Gables, where the majority of the richer Cubans live there are anti-Obama yard signs that say Obama=Socialism.

Are they nuts? Bush is the idiot who nationalized the Banking system and he’s a Republican. For those paying attention that means Bush = Socialism and therefore McCain (a Bush clone) = Socialism

For those who don’t understand the implication the first step in Socializing a country is to nationalize the banks. Yet they think it’s Obama who is Socialist?

Only goes to prove that many people just don’t look at the facts or understand history when they vote. It’s the USA Today, Fox News, CNN headline news blurbs that they listen to and they never bother to look at the content of the story.

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