Saturday, January 31, 2009

women and religion

It's taken me a while - maybe I'm slow - to realize that all of the dominant religious leaders in the world are men.


All of the men make all of the rules for their religion.

So I thought, what would happen if all the religions were "female" based?

What if we refered to God a She all the time, and gave Her the powers we attribute to the Almighty Being?

Well first off, Adam would be the one punished for the sin of pride (and stupidity). As it stands now religions try to say it's Eve's fault we all were removed from Paradise. Yesh, well just because she was tempted byt he snake and in turn Adam tempted Adam that doesn't mean it was her fault. Adam could have refused her temptation. But he didn't did he?

No he was weak willed. He didn't even give a good defense or try to argue about what they had been told and why eating of the forbidden fruit was the wrong thing to do.

So because of Eve the religious storytellers tell us that SHE was punished by having to suffer the pain of childbirth. How is that's different from every other animal on earth? Are female elephants also being punished for the great sin? Maybe it's female bears, or whales or dolphins that are guilty too. Makes no sense to me.

If I were a female head of a religion I would have made the blame be on Adam's head because he was too dumb to say no to a woman.

If I were a woman religious leader maybe I would make MEN feel guilty about thier bodies. I would make a rule that no man could show his limbs, and that all men must cover completely from neck to ankles only to show his body to his wife.

Because men are violent by nature, and they become trained to use their aggression to become warriors I would outlaw such training. I would mandate that men be trained in husbandry, househoeld chores and nurturing persuits. Men, obviously being as stupid as Adam, sould not be able to be educated beyond the ability to read and write on a 6th grade level. After all, if Adam didn't have it in him to argue sensibly for the philosophically and spiritual notions given to him by God then it's obvious that all men have the same fault.

Women would be the leaders, the doctors, the educators and the business people because they obviously have a clearer understanding of the intricacies of life.

All men woudl te told that they have to be married by age 30. No exceptions. If not married they would be casterated so they could not produce testosterone thus making them more docile and less likely to be violent.

Sound like I am being mean to men, doesn't it? But that's what men do to women all of the time now and no one objects.

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