Sunday, July 12, 2009

time for a confession

My sheets don't match this week.

No, I didn't go to a designer label at the linen store and find the "perfect" set of sheets to use on my bed. I have three sets of matching sheets but today my husband needed some "old sheets" to use to cover some newly planted grass seed, so I went into the line closet and found some older ones.

What I found was some "sets" had perfectly good parts, still usable, but other parts were worn badly. So I gave my husband the worn parts and kept the good. So my bedsheets today are unmatched because I used what I had.

Some overly self indulgent people will call me "trashy" for doing this. Some call it "poor". I call it being thrifty. If we all used what we have instead of replacing things that don't need replacing we'd all be doing something environmentally good.

This is something you parents should teach you about thrift.

Unfortunately most of what we learn about household thrift comes from TV, and they tell you not to be happy with what you have, but to trash it and buy the new and improved.

They used to call TV the great wasteland.

I think it sould be renamed the great "wasteful"

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