Sunday, August 01, 2010

church politics and science

Back in history the Catholic church impeded the study of the universe because the thought that the earth was not the center of the universe was unacceptable to church teaching.

Now they are discovering the bones of pre-human species, and Christian fundamentalistist denounce such things as herasy and the teachings of the devil.

Doesn't anyone see a connection here?

Doesn't anyone else realize that the Bible is just a collected book of stories that were edited so that really ignorant people could in a limited way, understand the origin of man?

Trust me on this. God did not LITERALLY create earth in 7 twenty four hour days, and He did not create man overnight.

A day in biblical terms is an unspecified passage of time, but bronze age man could not phatom such things. So they wrote "day" to indicate a passage of time.

Yet literalists insist it was as the bible protrays it.

And thus I question that man is any more intelligent now than he was 2000 years ago.

I don't think we can take anything literally in the good book. Than ks for your courage to say it out loud.
No, it says day because Genesis chapter 1 is very clear. "There was evening, and there was morning." The word "day" was translated from the original Hebrew word "yom" meaning a 24 hour period. The writer very intentionally intended it to be taken as a literal day. Genesis was written roughly 4,000 years ago, so don't think "bronze age man" was some unintelligent moron. From the very beginning (whenever you believe that to be), man was as poetic, creative, and intelligent as he is now. Only now we have a cumulative build-up of information that obviously wasn't available then. If men and women were walking around in any capacity more than 8,000 thousands year ago, the fossil record does not back that up. Why would it have taken so long to find any sort of fossil of a transitional man (or any living thing) if it has been occurring for thousands, and even millions of years. We should be tripping over the damn things.
I agree with Johny. Man is always intelligent. It's actually us that is lazy. Well... Some of us.
Actually SA it was the top SCIENTISTS of the time that believed the sun orbited the earth, the world was flat, and the production of disease causing bacteria was a "spontaneous" event.

I am also a scientist. I know and understand the "scientific method" - Google it.

You said "Now they are discovering the bones of pre-human species...". The reason the Theory of Evolution is named that is BECAUSE IT IS A THEORY. There is no fossil or any other record that shows that there is any such thing as "pre-human" bones. That is is covered by the "missing link" (Google it), which PROVES there is no connection between animals and humans. Any REAL evolutionary connection between animals and humans would have occurred CONSTANTLY (evolution is NOT a "one time" event) and also would have to be still occurring now, in real time, as mentioned by Johnny.
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