Thursday, January 27, 2011

what ever happened to elected office?

It used to be that one wanted to SERVE the nation so one would run for office.

I had always been told that the Democrats wanted to help the people. To use their service in government for the betterment of the community of citizens. The Republicans, on the other hand, were for the promotion of business interests.

It still seems to be that way.

But somewhere along the way the idea of "service" to the country has become just a saying used to recruit people into the military.

People who "service" their communities by working for a non-profit agency are looked down upon. Satisfaction and success are measured by monitary gain, not by emotional well being.

So our politicians want to "serve" the nation by making sure business is successful.

Am I misreading the constitution? Aren't we as a nation supposed to be acting on behalf of the people (whether we are the same political party, race, creed, ethnicity or not.) Aren't we supposed to be fostering the growth of our country by helping make the lives of its citizens better?

So why now does it seem to be the job of the government, not to help the people, but to help the people who make money?

To me, this is another economic bubble. A time bomb of epic proportion that will explode as the country implodes under the burden of not debt, but of "wealth" created for a few on the labor of the many citizens who are unrecognized and under represented.

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