Tuesday, February 08, 2011

national anthem

For anyone interested in protesting the way the national anthem was disrespected at the Super Bowl on Sunday here's the link to the NFL.


I also contacted my congressman and requested that he put into the Congressional Record a motion that ould make it illegal to "artictically interpret" or "oversing" the National Anthem, and that in all public venues it should be sung, respectfully, with dignity and as originally written.

If you agree I suggest you do likewise.

While I agree the "National Anthem" should be respected I disagree with any law that would interfere with an artist's First Amendment right to offer their interpenetration.

The First Amendment protects the views of everyone, not just the majority. The law you propose infringes on that right.
Thanks for the link Sue Ann.

Don, just consider it a "copyright infringement", and even the most liberal interpretation of the First Amendment does not allow that.

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