Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Creation? An ongoing thing, but not evolution?

It occurs to me that if God created everything in 6 days and then rested there are some unanswered questions.

If there is no evolution, and God created only 1 man and 1 woman should't every man and woman be a carbon copy of Adam and Eve? Or did God make several models and forget to tell us? Should we all have brown eyes and brown hair and maybe olive skin, or brown?

If God stopped creating after 6 days, and then rested, how did we get multiethnic people? Where did red hair come from? Shouldn't the world be one race with one ethnic make up?

Recently scientists have determined that all people with blue eyes got their genetic make up from a female who was the first "mutation" she was the first blue eyed humanoid. Does that mean that God didn't stop creating after 6 days but later decided he liked blue eyes and specifically created someone with them? Or are blue eyes just a figment of our imagination?

If God created everything in one day why does man think he has to improve it? Genetically modified grain, is that God continuing to create the world? Does that mean we have been in "day 6 mode" for hundreds of thousands of years?

So creation is it, and nothing evolves? Then every viral infection is specifically created by God? So antibiotic resistance bacteria are created by God? If there is no evolution then shouldn't there be only one virus? One bacteria?

See if you think about it the only thing that makes sense IS evolution.

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