Sunday, May 29, 2011

more disasters

Well there were floods, and then tornadoes and all the talk about the cities that were flooded went away. Now there's nothing spectacular to report arout in the weather - but wait. June 1 is the begining of Hurricane Season. So expect updates and frequent references to tropical disturbances,waves, depressions, storms and hurricanes.

Statistically it's been a very DRY May in Florida, and that usually means a very active and wet hurricane season (think wooly caterpillar measurements up north). So, now we wait.

But at least a hurricane gives you warning. If it's coming your way you have days to get yourself together and hunker down, or get out of the way. Tornadoes? You've got minutes to run for you life.

If I have to pick a natural disaster to befall me, I'll take the hurricane every time.

We survived Andrew, that was a category 5. After that not much scares us anymore. Heck I still drive to the grocery store in a category 1 with winds of 75 mph. But no matter what strength a storm the first of the season will be you can bet it will be plastered all over the media just like the blizzards, floods, forest fires, earthquakes and tornadoes.

For some of us it's called nature. For others it's entertainment.

And for large numbers of us, its called Biblical prophecy.
Didn't I say you were a bible thumper? Well well well how could I have guessed?

If you use the OLD TESTAMENT as your prophecy outline I suggest you try reading the NEW testament, specifically Matthew26:13 "So stay awake, and be prepared, for you do not know the date or moment of my return." That is if you are CHRISTIAN you should beleive the words of Christ. Of course if you're just quoting Jewish prophecy you should call yourself a Jew. You do know that the first 5 books of the Bible ae the same 5 books in the Torah and the Koran? Hum, so does that make those who b elieve what's written there 'Christian" too, even though Christ wasn't around? Anything written in the Old Testament was fulfilled in the New. So get with the program and beleive the teachings of Christ if you are Christian.
Another typical liberal discussion ploy - Pretend I said something that was not said. And then waste your/my time talking about the "non-issue".

I said nothing about knowing the date/moment of Christ's return. You waste your time rebutting a point not made? But it takes a die hard liberal atheist to ignore the signs prophesied to precede His return. It seems like most of your weak responses are to topics mentioned by no one else but yourself?

Your last sentence continues your pseudo logic - a liberal atheist attempting to teach a Christian about Christianity...hahaha
I don't have to name any more than you have, you've proved my point.

But try Donald Trump for one. Sure he pays taxes, but he pays as little as he can get away with and takes as many tax loopholes as he can get away with so he can keep his money. And does he invest it? According to what the local Tampa/St. Pete paper has recently reported he does not. He "sold" his name to a "luxury" condo builder in the Orlando area, but misrepresented himself as an investor in the property development. He didn't put a dime into it himself. People who bought into the property are filing suit for fraud.

What about those truely altruistic folks who owned so many rich folks hotels, and didn't pay their contract employees? The Helmsleys. Didn't they fight the IRS constantly because they under reported their wealth? They refused to pay their taxes, corporate and personal. Isn't that why he went to jail, or was that why Leona went to jail, I can't remember exactly.

The RICH don't pay their fair share of taxes, and neither do corporations.

Why? The take their "business" off shore. American companies "manufacture" in Viet Nam and Mexico and get subsidies for it, so they take away American jobs, so working class Americans don't pay their taxes either.But the corporations make their profits, don't they?

What companies? Try Walmart or Kohl's. My daughter and I tried to buy something American made at a Kohl's last weekend. We couldn't. The shirts were from Vietnam or the Phillipines, the pants and shoes were from Mexico or Nicaragua. All those places provide cheap labor and more profits, but because they are doing the Free Trade thing the American companies get tax cuts for doing it.

Have you called for "IT service" and been answered by a robocall, and finally transfered to someone speaking broken English from a script? What corporation is that? There are so many it's hard to decide whom to name.

They don't have to pay taxes on those "outsourced" jobs, and they don't pay for accidental disability, health insurance or social security for those employees either because the corporation may be American but those employees aren't, and are not entitled to the same protections afforded Americans. So they aren't supporting other American companies either, are they? Aetna doesn't get their health insurance employee contract, nor does Blue Cross or Afflac.

And who said I was athiest? You?
I am a practicing Roman Catholic. But maybe to a "The Bible is the absolute word of God" person like yourself that's just another word for athiest. What time did you attend services today? I attended a Mass which started at 7:45 a.m.

If you are so literal Biblical, how far away from your door step is your latrine? (the answer should be obvious, the directions for it are in the Bible.)

And when is the last time you smeared lambs blood over the door? Just because Jesus Christ came doesn't mean you should be observing those Old Testament rules, does it.

What really started this was that YOU trurned a political comment into a RELIGIOUS one, because you apparently can't seperate one from the other.

Sue Ann Campbell
I chose to believe in God. But that doesn't mean there is one.

There is one for ME and that's all that matters.

Belief in God, or Science, is a personal choice and I don't think it matters one way or the other. What is is, and what isn't isn't no matter what you believe it to be. Believing black is red doesn't make it so.

I personally do not beleive in Math because you cannot show me 5.
It's an abstract concept. You can show me 5 fingers, or 5 toes or 5 cars, or 5 carrots,but without an object to demonstrate it you can't show me 5. It could very well be 190877 but we accept the abstraction as an absolute truth as the number 5.

You also can't show me "line". You can show me a horizon, which is the meeting of two areas of space: land and sky, but without such an illustration there is no line. It's a theory.

So if line does not exist why measure it with a number that doesn't exist (and I have had this conversation with a physics profess or and a philosophy professor at a faculty gathering where I work.) Neither of them could convince me of 5 or line. Yet we accept the theory of line, 5and Math just as we accept the concept of God.

It's all a matter of what you chose to believe.
I don't have to name any more than you have, you've proved my point.

But try Donald Trump for one....

SA, I hope you can be thoughtfully honest about your posts? Did you take an IRS deduction for your daughter, childcare, charitable donations, etc.? I deduct my 10% tithe of my gross income every year. The names I gave you were the names of dishonest, cheats! Those were all Democrats, but I asked you for ONE other name which you chose to ignore. Be honest in your discussions.

What about those truely altruistic folks who owned so many rich folks hotels, and didn't pay their contract employees? The Helmsleys....

As I stated above, yes the dishonest liars do that. The Hemsleys were Democrats, Google their political contributions to Jimmy Carter (liberal Democrat) in 1979.

The RICH don't pay their fair share of taxes, and neither do corporations.

What part didn't you understand about top 1% of income earners pay 25% of all income tax, the top 5% of income earners pay 40% of all income taxes, and the bottom 45% of income earners pay ZERO income taxes?

Why? The take their "business" off shore. American companies "manufacture" in Viet Nam....?

They leave because if they build their products for less, they can sell them to the consumer for less. Why have businesses for years had a mass exodus to southern non-union states? Union crime and unreasonable wage elevation have raised the cost of American autos until they can not compete with imports, aven with federal tarrifs which greatly inflate the cost of imports.

What companies? Try Walmart or Kohl's. My daughter and I tried to buy something American made at a Kohl's last weekend....

Thats why both companies are able to sell quality stuff for such great prices for the American consumer - by the way both companies pay huge taxes and Walmart sells only American products.

Have you called for "IT service" and been answered by a robocall....

Nope nice try but tell me one of those corporations that doesn't pay taxes

They don't have to pay taxes on those "outsourced" ....

Apples/oranges, yes they can produce their products cheaper for the consumer, and all the honest ones pay federal tax ON THEIR SALES. Remember you were unable to name just ONE that didn't pay taxes

And who said I was athiest? You?

Lets see now, you can call me a bible thumper, but I cant call you a non-believer? I attended church today and every Sunday, volunteer for another three hours on Tuesdays, and have paid 10% of my gross income as a tithe to my church for the last 31 years - PS CANDIDATE Obama had his tax return charitable contributions made public prior to his election, and THAT year he paid less in charitable donations than I paid that same year, with his much larger income. Go figure?

If you are so literal Biblical, how far ...

Oops, again you challenge me with something you only assume, and that I never said.

And when is the last time you smeared lambs blood ....

Oops again, same as above

What really started this was that YOU trurned a political comment into a RELIGIOUS one...

OK, lets check to see if what you say is true?

12:41pm my first post "who are they"

2:23pm your religious comment "bible thumper"

Different post
3:42pm my post "Biblical prophecy"

Oops, even the liberal SNOPES would have to call your accusation that I started the religious twist - "FALSE"your incorrect ASSUMPTIONS SEEM TO ALWAYS WORK AGAINST YOU, YOU MIGHT WANT TO REDUCE THE NUMBER OF YOUR ASSUMPTIONS (AT LEAST THE INCORRECT ONES)?

Can you tell me how much money those payment percentages are? You know from those poor folks who don't pay taxes? Does that include those on military pension or disability? How about those receiving survivors benefits from Social Security? Most of them are living at or below the poverty line, and they don't have to pay taxes oin those benefits, or do you call them entitlements?

Do I take tax deductions? Not for kids, mine are grown. Child care, never used it - I was a stay at home mother until my children reached school age then I paid a neighbor to watch the kids for an hour until I got home from work. I never deducted any of it. For a mortgage? It's paid off. For charity? No actually I don't because if it's my gift to God, or to humanity I will be repaid for my generosity eventually. Call it Karma.

And for you information I used to work for the IRS and know what I can and can't legally deduct, and I don't take all the deductions I could if I wanted to. I pay my fair share and I make up for some who don't.
Face it. I don't beleive in a capitalist system than makes poor people poorer by making the rich richer. And it doesn't matter if those who have money are Democrats, Republicans or Independents. It's still wrong.

Why? Because in America citizens confuse the economic system of Capitalism with the political system of Democracy (or in our case a Democratic Republic.)

And because of this confusion of systems they beleive that when you vote you are voting for an economic system not a political one.

Let's get back to Biblical teachings, shall we? I have done my share of church work, pre-school Sunday school teacher and director for many years. I worked with the Society of St. Vincent de Paul feeding the homeless and needy. I organized food drives, maintained a pantry, and was district president of my Conference area. I visited homes you probably would not have ever wanted to see, been in neighborhoods you'd be afraid to go to in the daytime let alone nights, and I delivered food, clothing, medication to those who don't pay taxes because they don't have enough money or make enough money to "get by" and afford the basics like food shelter and clothing.

I've been to migrant farm workers trailer parks to deliver needed supplies.

I could have deducted the gas used in making house visits, I didn't. I could have taken many deductions for my "charity work" in hours, I didn't. I paid out of pocket for every "convention" and "workshop" I attended, and I didn't take it off my taxes. It was my donation.

I am no longer an active member of the Society, but I support it financially and I actually continue to give aid to two families I had become friendly with while I was active. I take no deductions for buying school supplies, or school clothes or food, laundry or hygine products. I pay for it out of pocket and deliver it to them each month.

I guess that just makes me a bleeding heart liberal, the worst kind, right? Especially because I don't devote all of my time, talent and treasure (you know the whole tithing thing) only to take it as a legitimate tax deduction.
I guess I take that whole "do unto others" thing more seriously than others. "Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers, that you do unto me."

I don't think rich people are "the least" of my brothers, sorry. I don't think they deserve more breaks than those who are in "need" of basics.

Maybe Mr. and Mrs. Obama are of the same ilk? Perhaps they don't give to charity for the deductions they can take but for the good they can do and not be "recognized" for when they make a tax return public.

Maybe you are proud that you give so much money and like to see it recognized. Well good for you, it's a job well done.

However, I don't think I recall any bible verse, gospel story or parable where God praises one for doing so.

I do, however, recall the one story where the rich man is in torment after death begging to be allowed to warn his brothers of their lifestyle.

Then there's the story of the wealthy man who prays in the temple and tells God how he fasts, and tithes and how well he follows all the laws.IN the temple also is the man, a tax collector and despised by the community as a whole, who just sits in the back saying "Oh God be merciful to me a sinner". And which of these is more worthy in the eyes of God?

You don't have to have to have the government IRS verify your good deeds. Don't judge the Obama's by your standards, perhaps theirs are higher.
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