Thursday, June 02, 2011

other people's children

So why do I have to pay taxes for education when I already put my kids through school. Why should I pay for other's educations?


Other people's children clean the office you work in, the hospital you go to for help and the streets you walk or ride on.
Other people's children run the gas station where you buy gas for your car.
Other people's children gather produce from the field, slaughter the animals, process the meat, deliver it to market and package it for sale in the supermarket or butcher shop.
Other people's children check out your groceries at the store, bag it and take it to your vehicle.
Other people's children assure your safety by patroling the city streets, directing traffic,an upholding the laws of your community.
Other people's children fight fires in the forest and in your community.
Other people's children patrol the rivers and lakes of your community.
Other people's children maintain the roads, sewers, airports, as well as staff the railways and buses.
Other people's children build your Lexus. Ford, Dodge or Kia at US assembly plants.
Other people's children prep the food, cook the food and serve the food at the resturant you go to for lunch or dinner or celebrations.
Other people's children are the Geek Squad at Best Buy that fixes your computer.
Other people's children are dental hygeinists, CNA's, physical therapists, occupational therapists.
Other people's children cut lawns, clean and maintain pools, sweep the city streets.
Other people's children serve your coffee at Starbucks or Dunkin' Donuts.

So, do you really want any of those other people's kids to do these things without knowing how to read, write and reason? Do you want other people's kids to live without knowing what's happened in our past, so they don't repeat the mistakes others have made? Do you want other people's kids living off welfare because they don't know how to do something useful to earn a living?

Do you want to trust your life to an x-ray tech who can't read the instructions on the machine? Or if he or she can't read the doctor's order? What if he or she can't calculate the amount of time needed to give x-rays as a part of cancer treatment?

Do you want the pharmacy tech to know how to count the pills prescribed? Do you want the person who makes prosthetic legs, arms, etc to know how to measure the peice they are making accurately?

Do you want the military who defend your nation to know how to think in a firefight and keep themselves and their comrades safe?

What's wrong with paying to educate other people's children?


We all benefit when the children of our neighbors are educated because we all benefit from their efforts.

Good citizens know what's important. Selfish citizens should go live in a cave.

Just my opinion.

Good posting.
Thanks Bud. Glad you agree.
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