Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Vouchers? An educational free ride.

My kids went to private elementary school. My husband and I paid their tuition. We sometimes had to put the money on a credit card and pay it off in installments, but we knew the sacrifice was worth it to us so our kids could be given a religious based education. It was our choice.

We still paid our taxes. You know those funny payments that would be used to fund the public education system we were not using. Why? Because we were and still are, as far as I know, good citizens.

Did we ever ask for our taxes back? No. We didn't ask that our children go to school for free, or ask someone else to pay our kids tuition. No. We made a choice and we paid for it.

So, now the big deal is "Charter Schools" which are really private schools funded by taxpayer money. Some charge tuition.

Some legislators and governors want to allow people who choose the "Charter School" option for their children to get "vouchers" to pay them back for what they have to pay in charges and tuition to send thier kids to these private/public schools.

Maybe I'm being thick headed, but that's seems like someone says give my kids a better education, let me pay my taxes, and then give me back the taxes I paid so my kids get to go to school for "free".

Free. As in not paying taxes for anyone so the kids get to go to school but still getting a break/benefit for sending their children to a not regular public school.

I don't think that is fair.

I sent my kids to Catholic school. Religious education. God.

Public school. Secular education. Civic sponsored.

So then how do vouchers fit into the "render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's and to God the things that are God's"

Beats me.

Seems more like giving somone something for nothing.

But then that's just my opinion, right?

Don't you just hate people who expect you to pay for the stuff they use, but you don't need or intend to use?


But I don't.

Because there are rules for being a good citizen and they include being a part of a whole, even if it means supporting a public education system that you're not using.

Or for food stamps you don't need.

Or free dental or medical care to people who can't afford to pay for insurance premiums.

Render to Caesar, and don't complain about it.

Just my opinion naturally.

The insanity is when liberals think that YOU should decide the rules for a "good citizen".

Our founding fathers knew that would never work.

Liberals believe they have the right to take other people's money and "redistribute" it to other people. Inexperienced youth think the same, until you propose a plan to redistribute their GPS's by lowering the averages of the better students, and "redistributing it to raise the averages of students with lower grades. The college students seem to get the picture when liberal policies threaten them!
I am not talking about "higher education" I am talking about k through 12 where our country is woefully behind the rest of the industrialized world.

If you can't educate the youth up to a standard where they CAN go to college or a trade school then what's the point?

There was an article in the Miami Herald about the Hatian students who were fortunate enough to come to Florida after that devistating earthquake. In Haiti there is no "public education" it's private, and by the way, bi-lingual in the sense that lessons are taught in both French and English.

So the students who enrolled in the public schools in the USA were totally suprised how "easy" the classes were, and how few hours were required to be in school every day.

So, if the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere offers a better educational opportunity than the United States what does that say about OUR system? It's broken, that's what it says.
Oh, and show me where the "founding fathers" ever said "do your own thing" in hisotry? Every colony had a list of rules, and liberals didn't make them, the leaders did.

Good citizenship was not expected but demanded. It meant contributing to the good of the community, or being punished by the leaders of the community - generally church leaders.

So people supported their community, in whatever way they could - even redistributing their wealth, their crops, their property - for the betterment and growth of the community.

Shall I send you the Jamestown settlement history? Or would you rather look up some of the "found fathers" covenants yourself?
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