Thursday, July 14, 2011

What are we raising in the USA?

In the United States the politicians want us to beleive that tax breaks for the rich create jobs.

Yet since that yarn was spun during the Regan Administration there has been NO proof of that ever happening.

What keeps us in recession is the tax breaks for the rich and big corporations - because they want to retain their profit margin and their large bank accounts, so they keep what they have instead of investing it in America. The idea of giving them tax breaks is so that they will INVEST it in America, and they don't. They haven't for the past 20 plus years.

And what happens?

Republicans in every election since insist that the USA needs to maintain those tax breaks to stimulate the economy.

What stimulation? It's stagnation. It's GREED.

So why does the majority of America beleive this crap? Don't people look back and ask for an accounting of the programs? If they have worked in the past show us. Show us how many jobs were created, show us where the money went. THAT's what's missing in congressional legislation, accountability.

We should make every congressman ACCOUNTABLE for the promises they make and the laws they pass that keeps those promises.

We should make them all present a balance sheet of how much money was given to the rich and powerful and for what purpose and make the rich tell us how they used those tax breaks to "stimulate" the economy.

We should have congress specify that any money given as a stimulus CANNOT be used for bonuses, but must be reinvested in hardware and durable goods, and job creation or in the case of banks, circulated to free up credit for business expansion.

Why do we accept the rhetoric of failed policy and repeat it, again and again?

Are we all that stupid?

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