Monday, September 12, 2011

Who is a patriot?

I was asked today if I was a patriot. What do I do besides fly the flag in front of my house to PROVE it.

So I began to wonder, who is a patriot?

Is a patriot a person who serves in the military - being paid to put their life on the line. Or is a patriot the person who volunteers at a VA hospital to help wounded Vets? How about the people who adopt active duty soldiers and send them care packages? Is it patriotic to send phone cards to the VA hospital so the wounded vets can call their families?

Is a patriot one who supports the USO and gives clothing donations to the Disabled Veterans Association? Or someone who gives a clothing donation once a year to Goodwill industries? Which of those is Patriotism and which is Christian Charity?

Is working as a fireman, being amply paid to risk you life for the good of the community, being patriotic? You put in you 20 years and collect a nice pension for your "patriotism"? Is it more patriotic than being a civilian worker for the Department of Defense or the IRS?

Does it mean you're a Patriot if you work as a Poll Watcher in an election? Is it Patriotic to vote in each and EVERY election, not just the big ones, but the primaries, the local elections the state elections and all referemdums? Is that being Patriotic or just a good citizen who cares about ensuring good government?

Is it Patriotic to have visited national monuments like Independence Hall, The Liberty Bell, the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, and the site of the former Twin Towers in NY, The Arlington National Cemetary, Mt. Vernon, The Nations Capitol Building, The Alamo in San Antonio TX, New Orleans AFTER the tragedy of Katrina, the USS Yorktown in Charlestown SC, The USS Olympia in PA or the submarine Swoardfish.

Let me think, is it Patriotic to have visited a National Park? President Trueman's "little White House" in Key West, FL? How about a State Historic area? Everglades National Park?

Is it Patriotic to stop and read those historic roadside markers while on a trip? "The battle of Gettyesburg was fought here in...", "the Confederate soldiers camped in...", "Washington cross the Delaware at..." "Valley Forge Historic National...", "The Battle of Trenton..."

Is it not Patriotic to have visited the former Confederate Capitol house in Richmond VA, or is it more Patriotic to have visited the REAL historic and archelogical site of the Jamestown settlement in VA?

Is having attended an Air Show at a US Air Force Base more Patriotic than having attended one at a commercial airport where the Air Force, Navy and Marines displayed their planes and expert flying abilities?

Does having marched in parades with a bunch of Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts during Memorial Day make you patriotic? Does being on the Whispering Pines Civic Association 4th of July parade and picnic committee make you more patriotic than atttending the parade and making cupcakes for sale at the picnic? Is it still patriotic waving to those who made floats, decorated their bikes and marched?

Is it more patriotic to volunteer for a candidate in an election campaign or to gripe about the "idiot" in office who other people elected?

Just curious. What do you think a patriot is?

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