Sunday, November 27, 2011

getting old

I made a comment on facebook because someone said she was on line on Black Friday because it was more convienent and she hated crowds. I got blasted for starting a debate when I said that cyber shopping was less safe and secure than the person thought.

This person and her friends who agreed with her is a young 30 something.

This is also the kind of young lady who bemoans the lack of storefronts in the neighborhood and the demise of a nice downtown shopping area. You know, the small town feel, the lack of small businesses.

These are the kinds of people who can't connect the dots. They don't see the cause and effect. They cyber shop but they don't see the fact that storefronts can't exist when they don't have walk in customers. No customers, no profit and eventually no store.

But shoping in brick and motar stores are less convienent.

And for saying so I get told not to make waves and start a debate.

They still don't connect the dots.

It's a hard fact to accept. But all of us will get there.
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