Sunday, November 13, 2011

Gingrich plays with himself

Games that is. A shell game.

He has a way to make money from one of his endeavors, to pay another of his foundations, to donate to his campaign finances. Just within the law,all legal, but it's a shell game he collects money for one purpose and then he redirects it for another purpose altogether.

Rachael Maddow had it all mapped out on her show on Thursday or Friday. It shows how Gingrich manipulates donations moving them around so that what one thinks donations are being used for isn't where it ends up. Where does the money end up? In a war chest for Gingrich's potential run for office.

My personal opinion is that Gingrich is about equal to Herman Cain, only with more political experience and a larger ego despite the past political and personal experiences.

Neither of them convince em that they ae about what's doing right for this country. They are concerned about the "party" and their own glory.

You have some interesting thoughts! Perhaps we should contemplate about attempting this myself.

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