Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Herman Cain is a fraud

The media keeps saying that Mr. Cain is the former founder/CEO of Godfather Pizza.

That was true until he sold out 15 years ago. So now that "introduction" is a lie. It's fraud for him to represent himself in such a way, but then I guess he is used to that. Why?

Now he makes his money as a motivational speaker.


You know what that means, right? He gets an idea and shovels shit to you until you beleive it.

He has no plan, he has no solution. All he can do is spend 1 hour in front of an audience who paid money to hear him, and tell them what to do, or shall I say he tells them what he thinks they should do.

He, himself, does nothing to improve them.

In his folksey, down to earth way he doesn't do a blessed thing except sell himself and his tapes or DVD's.

Like other motivational speakers, he gives you nothing but advice.

Now he wants to be presient?

I ask you, do you really want 4 years of shit shoveled down your throat?

I mean what is his foreign policy platform? Aside from the catchy 9-9-9 phrase what does he understand about taxes and public works funding? Sure he ran a business, but a business is not government (trust me, I kow about this I live in FL where Rick Scott is dismantling government in favor of privitizing the state).

He talks a good game, but that's it. He has no real experience andhe has no real idea how government works.

I say Herman Cain is a fraud....only in the GOP presidential field because everyone else already messed up.

So my humble opinion is get him out of the field pronto, and put in someone who doesn't just talk about ideas, but actually has something to say.

People should be aware of dealing with this person. Now I know better.
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