Thursday, August 30, 2012

are you a baptized Mormon?

Maybe you aren't aware of it, but you very well may be.

It was confirmed to me today that the rumor I have heard is true. Somewhere in Salt Lake City is a group of Mormons who take the name of a non Mormon, briefly, and is then baptized into the Mormon faith. Why? Well to save us all of course. Remember only Mormon Christians will be saved.

Why do you think the Mormons keep such exhaustive and detailed ancestry records? Those records aren't just for their own Mormon brethern, they are for everyone.

Yeah, they got in a little trouble when the Jews found out that the Mormons took names of those who died in the Holocaust. Apparently they were upset that Jews were postumously baptized and made "Christian".

So ok, tell me. Is using someone's name without their knowledge to "convert them" without their concent a form of identity theft? I would think so, but hey what do I know. I thought I was Roman Catholic, that's what my baptisimal certificate says, but maybe I'm a Mormon too.

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