Thursday, August 30, 2012

facts dodn't lie but Republicans apparently do

So there is still a fuss about Paul Ryan's comments about the GM plant closing. He says it's a fact that theplant was closed by Obama. There is even a photo on the internet of the last car that rolled off the line, complete with a banner and some workers saying the car was being delivered to a charitable organization in December of 2008. That "proves" it happen when Obama was president.

Yeah, well he failed to mention that GM decided to close the plant in June 2008 BEFORE Barack Obama was elected. And that final car off the line was done by men who volunteered to go back to the plant to make that vehicle. The plant was already closed.

Ya know the younger generation tends to believe that what they read on the internet is fact. And they believe that if a politican tells you about something that happened before you paid attention then they must be right.

Well dears, I will be 64 in 3 weeks. So my short term memory is sometimes faulty, but the good thing is that I have an excellent LONG TERM memory. So when some Gen X-er goes live on TV and tells me stuff I KNOW didn't happen the way he says it did is that I remember that history.

Get that GOP? Stop lying. We old folks, who vote more often and in higher numbers than the younger generations REMEMBER what really happened and we aren't afraid to say so.

Get your heads out your ass , or better still perfect anal cranial impaction, it suits you.

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