Wednesday, August 29, 2012

George W. Bush was the Education president, and he did a bang up job of nearly screwing things up royally.  He was good at unintentional dublespeak,  But Regan was the king of doublespeak.

In my educational career I was poor, but intelligent, so I qualified for "financial aid".  That meant that I got money from the government - in my case the state government, also  from a private scholarship AND the Federal Government.  When I said got money I mean that I was "given" money.

Given money.

Given.  Got that much?

They were called GRANTS.  Grants are money you get that you don't have to repay.  Radical concept that the Democrats of the Lyndon B. Johnson era had.  If deserving young  people needed money to go to college it was given to them, with only one restriction. You keep a 2.5 GPA and graduate in 4 years.  I did, I got a BA in English literature and I actually owed NOTHING to anyone when I was finished.

Radical concept right?

Well when the Republican savior "Ronald Regan" became president he "improved" that system.  He said any deserving student could go to college, the government would give them money, with a bit of a difference.  The government would "guarantee" a loan that you had to apply for from a private source, usually a bank.  So you could go to college if you BORROWED the money.  So now it wasn't a gift, it was a loan.

Now students incurred debt, and banks got rich.

From what I have come to read about Romney he want to make sure that only "deserving" kids get the opportunity to go to college.  So he's arranging things differently again.

Deserving seems to mean "rich".

Is that what kind of president we want?  Someone who limits educational opportunities?

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