Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Good grief, the GOP is at it in Tampa.

Where do I begin the debunking?

OK, let's just start with Mitt as a Mormon.

I have had two friends/acquaintences who are practicing Mormons or who are former members of the LDS church.

The current member told me some interesting things about their beliefs.  Yeah, they believe in Jesus Christ as the savior of the world, just as Willard "Mitt" Romney said.  But what he left out is that Mormons belive that they are the only Christians who will get to heaven.

How?  The more you have on earth, the higher your place in heaven.  In other words, the guy with the most toys wins. So they work hard to make money and share it with other Mormons

Also from the former Mormon, who just happened to be a female, I was told that women/girls/females can't get to heaven if they are unmarried.  Apparently God doesn't consider women worthy of heaven on their own, they have to be "saved" by a man.

Now isn't that an interesting fact considering how the GOP has accepted the anit abortion plank of their platform?

Do you think a man who is devoutly religious ( as is claimed) and who was actually a Bishop of his church actually (his Ward, they don't have churches, they gather to worship in groups called Wards)isn't going to bring that religious belief into his way of thinking?

Women are unworthy.

Makes sense if you want to "punish" a woman who allowed herself to be raped by making her carry a child created by that rape to term.

And I guess if you are a daughter who "tempts" her father sexually, and is the object of insest then it's her fault too and she should bear that child of shame for her sins.

Maybe Hester's Scarlet A will be issued to all unmarried pregnant women. Who knows.  I'm not an expert, but I see a connection here.  Morman's and women, the GOP and women.  Maybe it's a stretch .But maybe it's not.


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