Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Why can't someone explain it so even the Republicans can understand it?

The republicans, especially Paul Ryan, have called Social Security and Medicare "unsustainable.

Because people aren't paying into the system as much as they are taking out of the system.

OK, let's think about this logically.

Big businesses have been told it's ok to take jobs oversease so they can make a bigger profit.  They pay foreign workers less.  And those foreign workers don't pay a penny into FICA, and they don't pay local, state for Federal taxes on the little money they make.  They don't get pension benefits, or health insurance benefits and often they don't even have any kind of coverage for accidents on the job, like worker's compensation.  They may pay taxes in their own country, but not here.

So, we have business making money, Americans without jobs because they have been replaced by foreign workers who make less money and pay nothing into the Social Security system.

Now, jobs are hard to find.  So peoole who can't get jobs after an exhaustive search, and who are eligible to retire, take the option of early retirement.  They too don't pay into the system, they take out.

So what's the solution?

How about bringing jobs back to US soil?  How about hiring US citizens to do those jobs?  How about those people pay their FICA and state, local and Federal taxes returning money to America.
How about taxing US businesses every time they remove manufacturing jobs so they can pay into the system?

If I, in my limited ability to reason things out, can figure this out why the hell don't the Republicans?

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