Saturday, September 01, 2012

business = government

OK so if you own a business what is the purpose of your business? You want to make a profit, right? What do you do with your profit? Do you share it and help others? Do you improve conditions for others who don't work for you? Do you provide health care and elder care and chaild care and medical care for those who don't own your business? No, you keep your profit.

And if you are a manager of a corporation you try to make a profit for your shareholders, right? Do you help other businesses with those profits? Do you share profits with your workers? Do you provide for their "general welfare" as our Preamble to the US Constitution says our government is supposed to or do you make sure you make money for only the people who have "invested" in your company?

Well, what's the answer?

If the answer is no, then why are we considering a background in business a recommendation for becoming president of the United States?

Does Romney have a background in law? Does he know the limits of government? Does he know that being President is only 1/3 of the government? Does he realize it's not like being a CEO and it certainaly not like being the spiritual leader of a religious organization.

So maybe that's what's wrong with Romney. He doesn't know how to run a government, he expects to make a profit. My question is at whose expense will that profit be made?

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