Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Why is it that those who advocate keep our country safe, and increase spending for war have neither participated in a war or encouraged any of their male or female children to enlist?

Romney has only male children. Sure they go to foreign countries on the religious Mormon mission, but what do they do to support our country? Are any of them in the armed services? I don't think so, unless they've done so secretely.

Is war a good thing as long as our Republican candidates don't have to encourage their own sons and daughters to enlist to support it? Is war only theoretically good, as long as minorities do the fighting for "our" country, even if they are undocumented?

What do say to get those living below the poverty level to enlist? You offer them the opportunity, supposing they survive the war intact, to "save" for college.

Save for college. That's the new GI bill. Save.

My husband served in Viet Nam, 3 tours. His GI bill included free tuition for college or a trade school. FREE. He contributed nothing to get this benefit. But now, they have "improved" the benefit so that anyone who serves in the military can get "matching funds up to $20,000.00". Meaning, the soldier, sailor, marine, has to save the first $10,000.00 to be able to get another matching $10,000.

So, it's good for poor people to enlist so they can get a chance to get a college education. While Willard Romney's boys, who don't need that money because Daddy is rich enough to pay their tuition, don't have to even consider it.

How many other Republican politicians have children in the military? My guess is very few.

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If you're so worried about why they don't fight, why is it OK for Obama to have not served? Why is OK for Hillary? They take women. I'll tell you why--hypocrisy. Oh, yeah.
Read the essay "War is the Health of the State" by Randoulph Bourne. Have a nice day!
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The first few lines make the erroneous assumption that parents of these adult children can force their kids to enlist.

"How many other Republican politicians have children in the military? My guess is very few."

Many, in fact. Look at the Presidential candidate in 2008, just for starters....
My point is that very few Republican politicians instill in their children a sense of duty and purpose. There is no sense that they must do their part and give back to the country that has given the so much. It's more a "let the others do it" attitude that irks me.
Why didn't Obama and Hillary not serve? Because there was no war in their generation AND because public service is equal to military service. It's doing something FOR the community at large, for the citizens of the United States, without regard to remuneration. It's doing something to better this country and to protect it's citizens.
You do realize that both Hillary and Obama are lawyers, right? Both were entrusted with keeping the law and defending the constitutional rights of their clients. That is SERVICE to the people of the United States.


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