Saturday, August 30, 2014

it's been a while

Now that I've retired I thought I'd have lots of time to write.  I don't.

Instead I've turned into one of those elderly folks who spend her time maintaining the house and her health.  If I am not going to a physical therapist, or a doctor then I am taking an exercise class or doing pool exercises.

My health has become a real concern.  I am diabetic and apparently I was doing enough physical activity while working to keep it pretty much in check. But not working I am less active and my sugar levels have shot up!  So I am injecting insulin and takingmeds and now I have learned I REALLY need to exercise to keep it steady.

The worst part is that I'm taking so many medications it's keeping me poor.  One new thing the Dr. from the Diabetes Research Institute gave me is an injectible, that costs $215!!!  I guess I will have to give up eating or become a greeter at Walmart to be able to afford food and medicines.  (Don't laugh, you'll find out when you're on a "fixed income".

When I am not doing those things I seem to have developed the need to nap.  Honestly I thought it was a myth about needing to nap when you retired, but it's true.  If I sit down for a few minutes I find myself nodding off.  It's unsettling.

Well I do do some things.  Just two weeks ago I went to Everglades National Park for a day trip.  I go to a Seniors Center at a local park for some craft and exercise classes.  Soon we'll take a trip to an Indian Reservation for an afternoon of gambling. I'll take my $20 and hope to play the slots and win a few thousand (ha ha.)

Well, maybe I just need to "schedule" my writing.  Maybe once a week to get back in the swing. After all, elections are coming up and I am sure I'll find a lot to talk about.

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