Tuesday, March 24, 2015

what now?

On Friday 3/20 I nedded off at the wheel of my car while driving to Orlando on the FL turnpike.

I rear ended a truck. Not an 18 wheeler, a delivery box truck, but still a truck.

I am alive, with bruises from the seat belt and air bag.  The good news is those things worked.

But Why? Why am I not seriously injured?

The reason is unclear to me.  The car is a wreck.

The poor 2013  Kia Soul, my beloved Blizzard" is probably totalled.  It looks terrible.  But I am ok, more or less.

What am I supposed to do now?  What other plans are there for my life?  What's my purpose?

Does anyone have the answer?

I keep asking God, "What's next?" but so far no answer.

What do I do now?

just glad you are ok! love you !!!
thanks Ayna. Glad to be alive too, now I have to make sure I do something useful with my life to justify not dyhing.
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