Monday, April 06, 2015

Easter Monday

Easter Monday, a day to rejoice after the day of Ressurection.

So how did you celebrate the holiest day of the Christian liturgical year?

Did you get up in the dark and go to a sunrise service? Celebrating the dawn of a new day and new hope for the world?

Did you dress in your best clothes (which by the way symbolizes renewal) and attend a church service to rejoice with others in the congregation that "Jesus Christ is Risen!"?

After services did you and your family join hands in a shared meal?  Did you use the good china and table linen? Did you or your wife prepare a special meal, either a breakfast, a brunch or a dinner so you could all recall the joy and happiness of the occasion?

Or, as a God fearing right wing non-denomanational Christian fundamentalist, did you stay at home in your tee shirt and jeans, and hide Easter Eggs so your kids/grandkids could find them?  Then sit around all day like you do every Sunday, until supper time? Did you fill the kids with chocolate candy and let them wear their "new"  spring clothes to show off to the neighbors?

Just how did you spend your Easter Sunday?

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