Saturday, July 30, 2016

Christian candidates?

Aside from Tim Kaine I have no idea if the others running for President or Vice President attend church.

Kain said he was catholic and attends Mass at St. Elizabeth in Richmond VA..
Clinton is Methodist, but has not said if she is a member of any specific congregation.

Trump claims to be Presbyterian, but the only time I have ever seen him on the step of a church is so he could use it as a way to recruit more conservative Christians to consider him.

Pence?  I have no clue, as far as I have been told he is a "Christian", meaning he goes to one of those churches with a loose affiliation to something or other.

Of all of them only Kaine has shown any true interest in practicing his religion. He went on a mission to Hondouras.  He attends Mass with his family.  I know he values his belief, but what of the others?

Wouldn't it be nice to think that they would demonstrate the religious principles by their conduct?  I think so.

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