Monday, July 25, 2016

news flash

Nothing political this time.  Just an observation about a 3 year olds meltdown.

Went to a party, mostly adults, yesterday afternoon.  One "child" came, a 3 year old.  Long involved story cut to the chase. She wanted to swim in the pool (inground backyard pool) but without 1) floaties - because she said she can swim, which she can't.  BTW, floaties are those arm bands that help little people float. 2) any other people in the pool.

Well she got to swim with her 13 year old cousin (she tolerates him) in the pool and he was responsible for herding her.  He was also responsible for making sure she wore the floaties and keeping her out of the deep end.

The problem was she wanted what she wanted and was a crying mess making life miserable for all.

I told her that she either wears the floaties or leaves the pool.  Why?  Because a 3 year old can't make a choice from several, their brains aren't hard wired for multiple choice yet.  But the other adults wanted to REASON with her and give her choices.

Here's the news flash...  a 3 year old can't REASON.  A three year old shoudl be told "this or that" and made to accept the consequences of that choice.

If I were her parent/grandparent I would have told her floaties or no pool and when she continued to cry I would have taken her out of the pool and got her dried and dressed and ended it.  Instead there were no end of compromises offered, all of which basically gave in to her.

So if that's the way kids are "taught" now no wonder we have so many problem teens and young adults. They have learned to make a fuss until someone tires of the argument and they get what they want.

What ever happened to being given a choice, acting on that choice and accepting the consequences?  If that isn't taught from an early age how are young people supposed to know?

College graduates rely on their parents - perhaps too much. The law says that parents are responsible for the children until age 18, but most parents "extend" that to help the kids out through college.

 Back in my college most kids couldn't wait to be "on their own" and move out.
Why? Because the consequence of accepting parental help was not being an independent person.

 Today's kids want parents to continue to care for them - so they can "do well in school" and not have to worry about things.  Yeah, things like paying bills, buying food etc.  So when they graduate they are in no great hurry to leave the nest and go out on their own.  Why should they when their parents will just continue to take care of them?

Choice, action and consequences...hey maybe this is about politics after all.

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