Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Congressional pay

I think all Congressmen/women/represenatives should only be paid for the time they work.  They get their money whether they show up and do their job or not, which is unfair.  We poor citizens have to work for what we get paid. If we don't show up, if we don't do our jobs, we get nothing.  Right?

So why should it be any different for members of Congress?

I think they should have to "clock in" daily,not with some clerk doing it for them, but maybe with those retina scans so it has to be the actual congressman who "clocks in".  Thee would be a daily rate at which they will be paid (because I realize they actually do work, or are supposed to be on call 24/7).  If they fail to clock in - in WASHINGTON DC or their headquarters in their home district, they get no pay.

Doesn't that make more sense than paying for someone who doesn't bother to show up (Marco Rubio)?

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