Tuesday, August 02, 2016

politics and policies

I can't understand how people who I thought had reasoning power and intelligence can talk to me about seeing on the news (usually Fox) some misinformation about a candidate and then tell me how bad my choice is.

I also can't believe that people, who I believed to be intelligent, can be so focused on ONE aspect of campaign rhetoric that they fail to take in the entire package.

Some people only focus on the "abortion rights issue" and will only vote for a candidate that won't "kill babies". Yet those same people vote for the death penality or for increasing the number of good young people who will be sent to war.  Excuse me - death is death - whether it's the death of a fetus, an elderly person or a criminal. Death still means someone dies.  Why is it ok for some people to die, like men in war, and not others?

Some people are so afraid that they see conspiracy everywhere, even when none exists.  Some one is "out to ruin" us.  It changes with each election, it was the Soviet Union, then when it was disbanded - the Russians, the Communists, the Chinese.  "they" will take away what we have - our democracy, or economy, our freedoms. Those who believe it  live on fear and feed on the candidate who best supports their worst fears and feeds them more of it. Do they really believe "Only I can fix this?"  I thought only God could fix everything.

Some people see themselves as only trying to " better themselves" and not discriminate against others.  So to better themselves they have to prove that they are better than others.  Economically they are better than (take your pick) welfare mothers, blacks, Muslims, Mexicans, any immigrant who comes to America without money and seeks a better place.  They all think they can become superior - but how many people can there be in that 1% of the ultra rich?  If everyone is superior it's no longer the elite 1% is it?  It's average.

Voting on only one aspect of a candidate's platform is almost as bad as not voting at all.  You have to consider what's good for the country as a whole, not just what's good for you personally.  Why can't people understand that?

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