Tuesday, September 27, 2016

to Mr. Trump, Jr. - liar

Perhaps Mr. Trump has trouble reading a dictionary.  He spoke to the media saying his father started with "nothing."

Nothing, according to a dictionary is defined as "1) no thing; not anything; naught... 2) nonexistence; nothingness... 3) a thing that does not exist... 4) something of little or no value... 5) a naught, zero, cipher..."

I have truncated the entire  definition because it's rather lengthy. (New World Dictionary of the American Language: second college edition copyright 1980)  However the meaning is rather clear.  "nothing" does not mean "something".

So when Mr. Trump Jr. boasts that his father started with nothing it's a lie. His father inherited $2,000,000.00  That's a lot of zeros, but the nothingness of it is negated by the dollar sign and number 2 that precedes it.  That is TWO MILLION DOLLARS which is not nothing.  It's a significant SOMETHING.

Donald Trump is not a self made man.  He's a spoiled man, raised with influence and privilege, who was given a large amount of money by his father.

Donald Trump lies, and his son also lies.  So who can trust anything they say?

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