Saturday, October 08, 2016

"dirty old man"

Donald Trump is 70.  Despite the lowering of age ranges to be considered "old" I submit that 70 is OLD.

Donald Trump is a male, that means he's a man.

Donald Trump seems to consider himself a star.  And according to him stars can do anything.  So it is acceptable for him to grab a woman's pussy if she so chooses, and for him to kiss. a woman he considers beautiful.

In my mind this makes him the equal to Bill Cosby,  who preys on young women.

It is not a compliment to be mauled, oggled, lusted after or raped.  It is a crime.

So are we going to elect to the highest office of the United States a man who , although he says he is now ashamed of what he did 10 years ago, still shows signs of being just the same dirty old man now as then?

Wake up America, Donald Trump is just a criminal who hasn't be caught and charged yet.

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