Thursday, October 13, 2016


Becasue he's a "star" in his own words, Donald Trump can do anything he wants to beautiful women he meets.

So does that mean all stars are also entitled?

Does Sandra Bullock have the right to walk up to Justin Beiber and grab him by his nuts?

Does Meryl Streep have the right to fondle Brad Pitt?

How many times have you heard a woman (as opposed to saying a lady) talk to other women out loud about male anatomical features?

I have heard women like Beyonce say a man is "fine", but not once have I hear her say, "that man has a great ass." 

I have yet to hear a woman say " I'm going to tongue that man when I meet him because I am just drawn to handsome"

Myself, I have admired many a young man's body.  I will say he's got great shoulders, or abs.  But really what women talk about most if the man is handsome and makes her feel like commenting, is his EYES or his HAIR.

Does Donald Trump mention eyes or hair, or even legs?  No.  He mentions pussy and tits.

Does that mean if he (God forbid) is elected President  that he'll feel confident in reaching out to Prince William's wife and grabbing her crotch?  After all, she is a beautiful woman.

Donald Trump is a fat, probably impotent, dirty old man.  I say probably impotent because when men can no longer perform at his age (70) they rely on dirty old man talk and tricks to get their jollies.

Donald Trump is a disgusting old man.

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