Thursday, December 01, 2016

december 1 2016

My to do list for Christmas is still just as long as ever, but today I will make an attempt to shorten it. It's only 2 weeks until Ann's graduation, and that just dawned on Ken so now he too is in panic mode.  Then it gets worse, we return from Orlando on the 19th which gives us only 6 days until Christmas. So it's like going from the frying pan into the fire.

I am going to attempt to change the printer ink. Wish me luck.  This printer and I have not gotten along since the day it was purchased. Ann has no trouble but it's very Sue Ann unfriendly.

Sad news again.  A former professor and dorm moderator from my college days, Sister Patrice, CSFN, passed away yesterday. She was 85. I guess at my age I will be hearing more and more about people that I have known in my life dying, but it is still difficult to hear just before a holiday.

I finally figured out why Trump won the election, besides the electoral system which sucks.  It's because critical thinking skills are not taught to our kids in high school, and not even in some colleges.  If we educated our population to think for themselves they wouldn't be lead like a bunch of sheep to believe what they "wanted to hear" but knew was a bunch of hot air. (OK enough silly political discourse for the day)

Enjoy the first day of December, and remember only 24 more days until the After Christtmas sales begin.

Take care,
Sue Ann

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