Tuesday, February 28, 2006

What ever happened to common sense?

More and more I hear young people complaining about how their boss is "rude" and interferes with their conversations at work.

Excuse me? Interferes with their personal conversations?

Apparently they don't understand that the purpose of their being in a job is to actually DO work, not socialize or spend time on their cell phone during working hours.

We complain that American jobs have gone overseas, yet when young American's get jobs here they treat them like an inconvience. Doesn't that tell you something about the supposed work ethic? I think the work ethic in America died with the Viet Nam generation, and it wasn't allthat great for that generation either.

One of the very reasons why I was glad to take early retirement. I had employees tell me to go away, they were talkimg with a friend (they got a written reprimands) and my personal favorite, the employee who came into work 90 minutes late without an excuse, then left the work area to get breakfast (she never understood why I had the right and did dock her 2 1/2 hours pay).
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